Strong Leaders

The Lewis Family Foundation, in collaboration with Pinnacle LTD, looks to deepen the work of non-profit leaders who are committed to impacting the lives of young people in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.  We aim to leverage smart talent in our community by building critical skills, sharing tools and techniques, and one-on-one coaching to take their work to the next level of excellence while strengthening the opportunities for all young people. The Strong Leaders Program’s purpose is to support, encourage and challenge community and organizational leaders to create healthy, successful and results driven organizations/initiatives. Our hope is that we all build more thriving and equitable communities. 

The Need

  • Create a deeper pipeline of non-profit and community leaders that better represent in background, culture and exposure the students and communities of Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.

  • Provide a platform to empower partnerships and communication between community and organizational leaders to increase accountability and understanding.

  • Increase the number of confident non-profit and community leaders that are highly equipped to run organizations that are healthy, successful, and results driven.


  • Boston carries the legacy of it’s past with racial, class, and cultural divides.  The non-profit world is not only impacted by this but also perpetuates these divides.

  • We, the Foundation, must be part of the solution.We will put our time, resources, and thought leadership towards young strong leaders – particularly of color and from the communities of whom they serve.

  • Successful organizations have a clear mission and vision that aligns with their top organizational goals.  All those connected to the organization/initiative are aligned and committed to this vision.

  • Organizational goals that are specific, measurable, and with risk will lead to deep impact for those served.

  • Healthy organizational culture is created through clear opportunities for feedback and being able to have hard conversations.

Why both Community and Nonprofit Leaders?

In order to truly be part of the solution of breaking down the racial, cultural and class divides, we believe in creating a space where leaders from different perspectives are learning and holding each other accountable.


Please see below for a list of our first cohort of Strong Leaders.