March 21, 2016

Conservation Media Group has awarded $100,000 from the newly established Feature Focus Fund to award-winning director Kelly Nyks of PF Pictures for his documentary feature film, Disobedience.

As with his previous feature, Disruption, the film’s endgame is to physically move audiences toward participation in mobilizations involving over 1,800 international, national and local advocacy organizations including, Greenpeace International, and Global Witness. Production for the film is currently underway with distribution aimed to coordinate with the worldwide Break Free from Fossil Fuels campaign planned for May 4-15, 2016. The film features verité footage of inspiring front line actions in Brazil, Turkey, Germany, The Philippines, Canada, and the United States interwoven with interviews from some of the most renowned voices in the conversation of social movements and the climate crisis, including Elizabeth Kolbert, Naomi Klein, Marshall Ganz, Malcom Gladwell, Naomi Oreskes, Michael Mann, and Bill McKibben.

Disobedience will tell the behind-the-scenes stories from the rising climate movement around the world,” says director Kelly Nyks. “Viewers will experience a global journey profiling activists from Brazil to Germany, as they stage acts of civil disobedience to lift the climate movement to new heights of commitment and engagement at this critical moment in human history.” Payal Parekh, Program Director of adds, “Through the articulation of the best practices of civil disobedience and a crash-course in social movement history, this film will make the irrefutable case for direct and local engagement. In doing so, Disobedience offers an answer to the all-important question concerned citizens ask about climate change: “What can I do?””

Nyks & his team at PF Pictures are committed to making films that impact viewers and motivate change. As their website states: We use film as a tool for social change.  “Kelly’s past work speaks for itself and this current production is a perfect fit for CMG,” says Liz Smith, Director & COO of Conservation Media Group, “Our focus is on forward-thinking projects that use the power of film to create measurable impact and direct action. Disobedience and its accompanying engagement campaign are the definitive essence of that focus.”

This award marks the first of its kind distributed by CMG. The Feature Focus Fund is intended to support feature films that create measurable impact toward healthy oceans and renewable energy solutions. With this Fund, CMG aims to provide no-strings-attached funding to allow filmmakers and organizations to do what they do best: change the world with compelling visual storytelling. Funding for this Focus Fund award is in partnership with and made possible by the Lewis Family Conservation Foundation. International Documentary Association (IDA) is proud to serve as Disruption's fiscal sponsor.  According to IDA Executive Director Simon Kilmurry fiscal sponsorship is at the heart of IDA's mission.  "We believe in documentary filmakers and provide tool to help them succeed," says Kilmurry.  IDA's fiscal sponsorship team works with filmmakers like Kelly Nyks to easily facilitate tax deductible donations so projects can get funded, finished, and seen.

Kelly Nyks is an award-winning writer/director of narrative and documentary films and has worked across Europe, Asia and America.  His most recent film, Requiem for the American Dream, is currently in theatrical release to widespread critical acclaim including a New York Times Critics Pick.  His credits include Disruption (2014), Impossible (2014), Do The Math (2013), Money is Material (2013), The Artificial Leaf (2012) and Split: A Deeper Divide (2012), among others.  To learn more visit:

Daniel Deleon