December 16, 2015

Opening September 2016, Alnoba is a 14,530 sq ft gathering place developed by the Lewis Family Foundation for individuals, community groups and companies to reflect, connect, and create change.

We broke ground December 2014 on the Pinnacle Leadership site in Kensington, New Hampshire.  The building’s foundation is completed, the walls are up and the roof is finishing up this month. It is very exciting to see this dream — long held by the Lewis Family — come to life.

Top 5 building update:

  1. Stone Cladding. Stone cladding, using real granite, has begun to be installed over the foundation’s cement walls. The cladding is being use to recreate the look and feel of a traditional New England barn. In fact, the entire building is based on the New England barn architecture but with a contemporary twist.

  2. Copper Roof. We have also begun to install the copper roof. Metal roofs began appearing on New England barns in the early 1900s. Anoba’s copper roof — the color of an old penny — will add character and durability.

  3. Replenishing the Forest around Alnoba. The vision for Alnoba is that the forest will envelop the building. Several trees had to be taken down during construction so we have begun replanting mature trees to replenish the forest and bring the woodlands right up to the building. The front of the building will have large shade trees. On the Eastern side of the building, along the dining terrace we are planting mature forest trees.

  4. The Central Stone Fireplace. When you walk into Alnoba’s 2400 sq. ft. meeting room, the first thing you will see is an enormous 12’ x 16’ fireplace. This month, we have begun installing the granite façade. The granite is taken from an old mine so the stone is weathered, helping create a time worn look to the fireplace. This is a deliberate design feature to honor the past while creating a homey, welcoming environment.

  5. Triple Pane Windows. Perhaps one of the most extraordinary elements of the building will be its windows. From every room you will be able to lookout on the forest or fields. The windows were specially ordered from Germany where they produce windows with the highest insulation value. Each window is triple pane with oak frames. These windows are one of the basic features of a Passive House standard building.

Once completed, Alnoba will be the first commercial building in North America to be certified as a Passive House. It will be the very first Passive House building to include a fireplace.

Daniel Deleon