Harriet Lewis

Lewis Family Foundation Chair

Harriet Lewis, Chair of the Lewis Family Foundation is an educator,  philanthropist and world traveler.   She is passionate about social change, especially in her hometown of Boston and in the countries where the family’s travel company, Grand Circle Corporation visits.    Harriet taught children with severe emotional disabilities in Washington DC then returned to Boston, where she continued to teach troubled children.   From these experiences, she developed her strong belief that our best hope for real, lasting and deep community transformation rests with our young people.    She founded the Next Generation Leader’s program to provide rising college freshmen with a work, service and international travel program to advance their leadership and improve success in life and college.   Harriet is also unwavering in commitment to work in partnership with the community and ensures that Lewis Family Foundation “ask and listen” to the young people, their families and leaders who live in the neighborhoods and global villages where we work.    


Alan Lewis

Chairman, Grand Circle Corporation

Alan Lewis, Chairman of Grand Circle Corporation, grew up in Boston and moved 14 times from one tough neighborhood to the next before the age of 7.  He knows firsthand how uneven life’s playing field can be for young people in the city and will always champion the underdog.   Alan is an entrepreneur and philanthropic business man with a deep passion to develop leaders at all levels of his company, in the community and especially with the young people of Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan through the Pinnacle Leadership Center.    He believes that we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and with Harriet founded the Lewis Family Foundation to help change people’s lives.   Alan holds the vision for the work in Kensington, New Hampshire, where his family roots trace back to the 17th century.


CHarlotte Lewis

Vice President of Marketing, Kensington Investment Company

Charlotte serves as Vice President of the family’s Kensington Investment Company, where she is deeply committed to ensuring that the company delivers an excellent experience for each of its residents.  She also leads the company’s corporate culture and believes in building strong teams through service and aligned values and goals.   Charlotte is passionate about using business models to drive social change and seeks to integrate business and philanthropy.   She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Sociology from Franklin and Marshall College and is an avid sportswoman, world traveler and volunteer.  


Edward Lewis

Founder and CEO, Snocru

Edward is the Founder and CEO of Snocru - the first "micro-social" App built for the entire snow sports industry and is based in Park City, Utah.    He wants people of all ability levels to enjoy skiing and snowboarding the way it should be, with friends.   A graduate from the University of Vermont, Edward serves on the Board for the family’s companies and the Lewis Family Foundation.   During his time as Senior Vice President, Real Estate Edward held the vision for the Kensington Tower – a LEED gold certified eco conscious apartments that minimizes the impact to the environment; maximizes convenience, comfort and health of its resident and creates a community within the building.   Now living in Park City with his wife Caroline, Edward supports endeavors to raise awareness of the impact of global climate change through “Protect Our Winters” and efforts to improve accessibility to snow sports through the High Fives Foundation.    


Caroline Lewis

Partner, Holly Holden ltd

Caroline Lewis grew up in Connecticut, attending Miss Porter's School, graduated from Trinity College and holds a Bachelor of Arts in both Art History and Studio Art.  She worked as an Interior Designer in Manhattan with clients all over the world.  She fell for the love of her life, Edward, while skiing when she was invited to Utah by his sister, Charlotte. Edward and Caroline live in Park City, Utah with the light of their life, their precious daughter Kinsley.  Caroline is a devoted wife and mother. She is inspired by travel, exhilarated by art, rejuvenated by nature and energized by her family.  After being a designer for over a decade, Caroline's intent is to bring stylish furniture, which is sustainable and Eco-friendly, to the forefront of consumer home design!


Leadership Staff


James j. o’brien

Vice Chairman, Kensington Investment Company

Mr. O'Brien joined GCC in February 1995 after serving as Chairman of Boston-based General Investment & Development (GID). He joined GID in 1967 as an Apartment Manager for a 682-unit garden apartment complex and remained at the firm for 27 years, becoming President and COO in 1976, CEO in 1981, and Chairman in 1989. When he retired from GID in 1993, the firm's portfolio consisted of 12,000 rental units in 13 states, 2,000,000 square feet of office and industrial space, a Houston-based oil and gas company, and diversified financial investments. Mr. O'Brien served on the Board of Directors of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board from 1980 through 1986. He also served as President of the Rental Housing Association of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board from 1981- 1982. Mr. O'Brien graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, New York in 1959 with a B.S. in Engineering. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry, resigning as a Captain in October, 1965. During his time in the Army he held various troop leadership positions and was an Advisor to a South Vietnamese Infantry Battalion in 1964 and 1965. Mr. O'Brien is also a graduate of Airborne and Ranger schools.


Juma crawford

President, Lewis Family Foundation, Boston

Juma Crawford, grew up in the bay area of California, and moved to Massachusetts to attend Amherst College, and continued his education at Harvard University where he obtained a Master’s degree in education and a law degree from Boston College.  Juma was a founding teacher of  Codman Academy Charter School and served as principal of Community Charter School of Cambridge, Head of School at CollegeBound Dorchester and Executive Director of Friends of the Children.   His primary mission as President is to increase the college graduation rate of high school students throughout Boston’s spine (Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan). Through his passion for education and seeing students succeed, Juma encourages students to continue to persevere until they reach their goals.  


Jan byrnes

Vice President, Grand Circle Foundation

Jan currently oversees the work of Grand Circle Foundation with a mission to give something of lasting value back to the people and places where Grand Circle Corporation travels.   She oversees our international work with local villages that are literally in the past of our travelers where we seek to build partnerships to help change people’s lives.  Jan is a committed volunteer who also leads Grand Circle Corporation’s community service program both at their headquarters in Boston and in each regional office around the world.   After years of owning her own business and volunteering in her local community, Grand Circle Corporation’s commitment to community service was a key reason Jan chose to work and stay at Grand Circle Corporation since 2005. 


jeff heyliger

President, Pinnacle Leadership Center

Jeff leads the programming, coaching and advising activities of Pinnacle Leadership and Team Development, which is used as the gate for the Lewis Family Foundation’s giving.   He is a talented organizational advisor and coach, with deep experience in developing leaders and high performing teams at all organizational levels – from frontline managers to nonprofit leaders and their Boards.  Jeff has lead our work with community partners in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan to help build stronger leaders, who will then help build stronger communities. Jeff’s extensive experience includes a global perspective.  He has advised leaders, aligned teams, and facilitated strategy sessions across five continents and dozens of countries around the globe.  Jeff holds two undergraduate degrees in addition to a Master’s degree in Experiential Learning.


bruce cilley

General Manager of Kensington NH Operations, Pinnacle Leadership Center

Bruce manages all operations related to the Pinnacle and family property in Kensington, NH.  In addition, he serves as the liaison for local initiatives in Kensington such as the Farm at Eastman’s Corner and Sawyer Park.  He not only manages the maintenance of all 400+ acres, he also acts as the general contractor for all projects.  Bruce has been a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and a Kensington resident for thirteen years.