Josh Hubbard Joins as LFF North President

January 14, 2015

Josh brings a rare combination of personal and professional experience to serve as our first President.   The son of a sculptor father and entrepreneur mother who owned her own catering business, Josh also grew up in the world of commercial fishing, and community farming.  Graduating from Cornell University's hospitality program, he held several management positions at top restaurants in New York City and Hawaii.   He then joined ARAMARK, bringing his operations and marketing experience to a number of diverse roles - developing unique cook-to-order restaurants on college campuses, serving large college communities, building their national catering program and leading the campus conference center hotel business.   This experience equipped him well to then serve as Chief Operating Officer for Unidine - a high growth, regional food service company and most recently and Chief Operating Officer for FoodEx – an innovative company designed to distribute locally grown/produced foods to broader markets.