Next Generation Leaders

2014 NGL group in Tanzania
2014 NGL group in Tanzania
September 19, 2014

Each year, Lewis Family Foundation selects 10 graduating High School seniors referred by our partner organizations who are on their way to four year college for their Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program. Through paid summer internships, international travel, and service, their leadership skills are further honed and developed. 

The goal of the NGL program is to give these teens the tools they need to pursue their dreams of success, education, and personal growth. These 10 young leaders are provided the opportunity to work in Grand Circle Corporation’s Boston office over the course of 7 weeks. They are assigned to strong supervisors throughout the company and expected to be an integral member of their respective departments. The NGLs are given responsibilities and tasks that give them the experience of real work in the corporate world.

Another important element of this program is community service both locally as well as during their international trip to Kenya and Tanzania.  During their summer internships, the NGL take a 10 day trip to Kenya and Tanzania. This unique and eye-opening experience shows them the importance of their presence in service around the world. The NGLs grow their leadership skills by participating in a community service project, taking turns as "leader of the day", learning about the culture, stepping outside of their comfort zones and participating in a variety of group based work that requires determination and collaboration. At the end of the summer the teens will go on to college with a better understanding of life beyond their neighborhood. Equipped with refined leadership skills and knowledge of the world around them, success is inevitable.